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The Mini Swan Wand boasts simplistic, clean lines and a distinctive, ergonomic, curved design.  As you can see, one end is narrow (the handle); the other is bulbous (stimulation end).

It is a luxurious compact vibe, beautiful in design and extraordinary in power. 

Slip it comfortably into your palm, and enjoy the feeling of lightness.

2 in stock


SWAN MINI WAND has one “rumbly” motor. This means this motor delivers vibrations that feel thuddy and do not cause any temporary numbing sensation.  This vibe offers “buzzy” too which means you get surface level vibrations too… a wonderful combination of sensations 🙂

It is quiet, rechargeable, 100% silicone material.

Look at the shape of this wonderful product: Pin point design targets the clitoral area easily.  It is rigid which means you will get firm pressure, no flip flopping about.

Feel free to slip the bulbous part internally, just a couple of inches in may give you some g zone stimulation.

I’m loving the SWAN MINI WAND… And I know you will too 🙂


  • Palm sized
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • 100% seamless finish
  • Press and hold controls
  • 12cm x 2.75cm x2cm
  • Up to 2 hours running time
  • Powerbullet
  • 5 inches in length
  • Bulbous end diameter of 1.25 inches
  • Can be inserted


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