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SWAN PALM POWER POCKET RECHARGEABLE is a must have in every person’s toy box.  It looks cute, right?! But oh wow, is it powerful!

Look at the flexible neck… sensible, right?!  After all your clitoral orgasmic needs are uniquely yours so you need a wand that you can manoeuvre to your own specifications- which change daily according to your hormonal and mood status.

The Pocket Rechargeable Massager is perfectly shaped to massage those intimate spots.  Ideal for clitoral popping orgasms on the go.

The Swan Power Bullet motor gives this Pocket Massager incredible strength. As I say, it is small but sturdy and for women seeking stronger vibration, choose this wand.

Swan Palm Power Pocket Massager has 6 rocketing pocket functions with ease to low, medium to high – the ultra pulse rises and teases.

As Swan does, the Swan Palm Pocket Massager is elegantly packed in a convenient and discreet pouch and comes with rechargeable cable for 2 hours of sexy fun.

2 in stock



  • 100% silicone removable head
  • PowerBullet motor in the head
  • Flexible neck
  • Easy one-press button
  • Removable comfort grip
  • USB rechargeable
  • One Touch Incremental Speed Control
  • Tiny and fits in the palm of your hand
  • Multi-speed, Multi-function
  • Water resistant
  • Durable silicone case included


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