SVAKOM Pulse Union


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PULSE UNION is a seductive petite suction pleasure product. It is designed to provide targeted sensations to your clitoral area.

I hope I have captured your interest!

PULSE UNION is Svakom’s latest technologically advanced Clitoral vibrator, an air technology that gives you pulses of pleasure through a magical suction mechanism.

2 in stock


Use the LED indicator to choose from one of the five modes on offer. Expect to see different colors for each mode! Be sure to mix it up by teasing yourself, edging your way to orgasm, or have a quickie on demand.
Special features of PULSE UNION include a Memory function. That means that once you find a mode that is the Goldilocks-just-right mode for you, PULSE UNION picks up from this last mode you used and when you switch on again, it automatically takes you right there.

The nozzle is designed to fit all body-types so trust that Svakom PULSE UNION is uniquely designed for individual pleasure. Enjoy the textured handle for a secure grip as you explore and enjoy the unique suction effects of PULSE UNION.

I recommend that you a add this novel pulse clitoral vibrator into your toy box!
Be sure to download the SVAKOM APP and allow yourself to ease into pleasure via the use of the APP. And for extra fun, invite a partner/s to do the same so he/she/they can play with you wherever they are located!


  • Silicone
  • Size : 122*72.8*40.2mm
  • Weight : 115g
  • Suction Modes : 5 modes
  • Intensity level : 5 levels
  • Charging time : 3 hours
  • Battery Life: 4 hours
  • Water friendly



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