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Spoil yourself, indulge your sexual self with the plush velvet TOUCH X GREEN VIBE.  For a little extra money, get yourself added pleasure sensation with TOUCH X VELVET GREEN.  For many years WE VIBE has been the number one high-end, award winning manufacturer of vibrators.

I am excited to introduce the newly formulated TOUCH X to you.  WE VIBE TOUCH X will delight, surprise and pleasure you. Like the original TOUCH, I predict that TOUCH X will be one of my top 5 best sellers.

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TOUCH X fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, so making it excellent for solo play in any location, and discreet enough for partner play with penetration. Palm sized  and squishy, yes TOUCH  X is like a squishy magical marshmallow 🙂

Notice the unique shape of TOUCH X: the triangular head has a spooned dip in it.  This is meant for clitoral stimulation. It  is delightfully squishy, almost feels like a marshmallow.  It’s firm enough to retain its shape, but you can bend the tip around and press it into your skin very comfortably. This is one of my top attractions to TOUCH X; You can squish it to your unique clitoral stimulation needs.

The body narrows in the middle before flaring out to a plump base. At the very bottom lies the single control button and a magnetic charging port.

TOUCH X vibrations are much stronger than the vast majority of small rechargeable clitoral vibrators The majority of the vibrations lie in the very tip of the triangular head. Very few vibrations travel to the handle, so your hand won’t be affected by the intense vibrations.

It is for this reason that I highly recommend TOUCH X for women who enjoy and need firm direct clitoral pressure. Merely press the squishy dipped tip firmly against your clitoris . You are in control of how hard you want to press at any one time.

Soft and plush to the touch, Touch X is a magic multi-tasker for your sexual moods. It delivers earth shaking yet whisper-quiet vibrations. Choice is yours!


  • Smooth skin friendly material
  • Rechargeable
  • Whisper quiet
  • Waterproof
  • 8 intensity levels
  • 7 modes
  • Deep powerful vibrations
  • Lasts for over an hour


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