An intuitive hands free C-shaped couples vibrator, the top of the range product from WE VIBE, CHORUS, will exceed all your expectations.

What I most appreciate about this beauty, is its adjustable fit.  Every woman’s genitals are unique so flexibility allows you to place CHORUS exactly where you choose for optimal pleasure.  Customize your own fit by pinching or pulling the 2 joints apart to make smaller or wider angels for yourself.

The slimmer shorter arm slips inside your vagina, resting against the g zone area, while the longer arm wraps around and rests on your clitoral area.  The penis is inserted into the vagina, feeling way snugger… and simultaneously you both experience increased vibrational pleasure.

A unique feature is the Squeeze Remote – the tighter you squeeze, the stronger vibration you get.  Release your grip and the vibration weakens.

Another unique feature is the touch sense of the CHORUS.  Touch sensitive receptors ensure that as you play, your movements control the vibrations.

This insertable toy allows intensity with your shared pleasure, as the deep powerful vibrations stimulate your G zone and clitoral area.

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