This is why I love Penis Sleeves:  It’s about the surprise!  Surprises make people more interested in being sexual with each other.  You are familiar with your long lasting partner’s penis. Add on a Penis Sleeve. Suddenly it feels unfamiliar – and interesting. For the guy wearing the penis sleeve, your erection will last longer, wrapped tightly in the soft and stretchy silicone sleeve, thicker and longer thrusting is possible.

VIBRO PENIS SLEEVE is brand new in the store. It is extra thick and stretchy which means it will fit any size penis.

The surprise feature is the addition of a Vibrator!

A multi speed and removable Dial-Vibrator fits snugly inside the tip of the sleeve. Turn the vibrator on, slip it inside the VIBRO PENIS SLEEVE and thrust consensually inside your partner. You will feel the vibrations along the entire shaft of your penis whilst your partner will feel these strong vibrations inside the vagina or anus.

I recommend VIBRO PENIS SLEEVE to any man who longs for that extra inch and extra girth and has his partner’s joy in mind. It is a pure pleasure couple experience. Buy yours now!