THE OHNUT – Wearable for comfortable penetration


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“it feels like a wall being hit”

“it’s like my body constricts”

“Like my cervix is being punched”

“…sharp shooting stabbing pain”

“…like a knife inside me”

“I tried to convince myself I was not in pain”

“I felt so alone in my painful sex”

1 in stock


75% of women have painful sex in their lifetime.

I am so excited to bring you OHNUT, a revolutionary non hormonal, non surgical, affordable option for painful sex.  Now, together with a partner or alone, you are able to customize penetration depth. In this way you control and manage your pain.

This pain may be due to large penis girth / length.

Or pain due to genito-pelvic pain disorders, including vaginismus, vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis as a result of endometriosis, cancer treatments, menopause, hysterectomy, or emotional trauma.

OHNUT is a wearable feel-good worn externally at the base of a penetrating partner.  It’s like a buffer that is stackable and easy to adjust for comfortable penetration depths that feel good for both of you.

You can choose how deep he goes 

These comfortable modular rings are worn externally around the base of a penetrating partner and compress down… like a bumper.  Rings can be added or removed at any time during any position.


  1. Stack rings to set depth – always start with 3.
  2. Lube up shaft or insertable sex toy – slide OHNUT down to the base.
  3. Add/remove rings to adjust – find what depths feel good-for both of you.

I highly recommend OHNUT for women who have discomfort, difficulty or pain with any form of vaginal penetration.


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