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I’m seriously so excited to bring you a lubricant from the global top selling, high quality sexual pleasure range, namely SVAKOM.


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SVAKOM LUBE is a natural water based lubricant.  It is flavorless, silky and slippery.  It is long lasting which means that you can rely on it to keep you well lubed for length solo and/or partner sexual play.

SVAKOM  LUBRICANT is natural super silky smooth, not at all sticky, greasy or tacky.  Apply it and get an instant moisture boost to your intimate genital area.  No need to worry about being wet – you will be wet after application.  Then your pleasure begins…

SVAKOM LUBRICANT is stain free and easy to clean.  Merely wash it off with water.  No mess! No odor! No flavor!

SVAKOM LUBRICANT is a premium lube made from pure ingredients which are carefully chosen to keep the delicate pH balance of the vagina and lubricate you for your pleasure.

It is toy friendly and condom compatible.  It has an easy to pump design, never leaks and allows you easy control and use.

I highly recommend SVAKOM LUBRICANT for all discerning lube users.  Most recommended for people with sensitive skins.


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