SVAKOM takes you into the FUTURE OF SEX with their new range of sex toys.  MUSE is more than a vibrator.  It is one of the superb new rhythm- based vibration technology sex toys in the range.

Easy to use: connect via Bluetooth, sync up with your favorite music, video or any other audio content (think partner’s pre-recorded voice, breath, moans, sounds, sighs of pleasure, desire, play, intimacy).  MUSE vibrates according to the intensity of the sounds.

For your further convenience, no need to bother downloading any apps. Easily find the device SVAKOM in your Bluetooth setting and connect. Automatically you will be connected to your last SVAKOM toy used. Choose your favorite tunes /audio clip / video and feel the music in you, reaching orgasm in a way you never did before.

MUSE is a music control vibrating egg.  It is a rhythm based, audio vibrator, hassle free with its easy-access external control.  MUSE impressively combines technology + design to get your vagina dancing and you singing and moving #Genius!

MUSE is a Kegel exerciser, vibrates inside your vagina, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, whilst giving you exquisite strong vaginal orgasms.

I RECOMMEND MUSE for all women, as every woman wants stronger orgasms for sexual pleasure, tighter pelvic floor muscles to prevent urinary incontinence and prolapse.

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