HEDY is a male masturbator with lubricants… so cute, so small, adorably irresistible… and so I bring HEDY to you for your right to sexual pleasure.

This is what you get when you buy HEDY: 3 different inner structures which offer 3 different intense masturbation pleasures.  And you get 5 times of usage for each one.

BLUE – A Real Deal Male Masturbator offers great vaginal stimulation

WHITE – Vanilla love with soft nodes with sweet virginal surprises

PINK – blow job with its circular inner structure, creates a suction feeling like a blow job.

HEDY masturbation sleeves may look small but it can fit all sizes.  You can easily hold it in your fist.  Don’t be fooled – its excellent elasticity will stretch to fit and please you.

HEDY has all 6 in one box, recommended use is 5-10 times.  That means you can use it from 30 to 60 times.  Simply wash and store for multiple times of usage.  Always apply lube to ensure you get the best experience.

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