Men, I have bRought in a new COCK RING – RING O RITZ to enhance your erections and keep you hard longer. I challenge you to include one in every man’s Xmas box, Valentine’s Day and Birthday box 🙂

RING O RITZ is a new design mega stretchy silicone penis ring.  It is reusable, soft and very comfortable to wear during partner play and solo play.  And yes, it will stretch to fit any size penis 🙂

It is Phthlate and latex free, so happily slip on a condom and then roll fabulous new RING O RITZ ring over your penis, right to the base of your penis.

I recommend this penis ring to men who are healthy, have naturally good erections and just want to feel fuller which you will feel as the blood gets trapped inside the penis while wearing this cock ring.  If you want to last longer, really want to be fully present while being sexual alone or with a partner, then slip RING O RITZ on. It will give you added confidence.

For men struggling with erections, please consult with your health care provider.

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