A playfully perfect sex addition constructed with pure, shared pleasure in mind.

Use COLOUR POP QUICKIE PLUS for a once off sexual play time. Then dispose it! Hygienic, healthy and so much pleasure for both of you.

Aside from delivering him with a much desired long lasting  erection , it simultaneously provides distinct vibrations targeting the clitoris. You can be fancy and turn the nub around and allow it to stimulate your  testicles or perineum.

In either case, the single, reliably steady speed of vibration is activated with a simple switch, ensuring perfect control.

Made of a supple jelly, this ring is compatible with water based lubricants. Dispose after one use- for sanitary reasons, this quickie ring shouldn’t be re-used.

I recommend this for couples who want a quickie and don’t have time for much arousal before penetration. Slip on the SCREAMING O COLOR POP QUICKIE PLUS and enjoy yourselves. Using lubricant is always a good idea as it enhances lubrication, comfort and pleasure.

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