SATISFYER PRO Plus Vibration


I know you are ready for the next generation of sex toys. I know you are prepared to notch up your pleasure and finally …finally… close that orgasm gap. Get ready for your life to change.

I invite you to assert your right to an orgasm by entering the 4th Industrial Revolution. It’s so easy. Do it through what I call, a Sex Toy Revelation.

The SATISFYER range of new age sex toys are ergonomically designed to be held comfortably in your hand for solo play – and fit in well whilst being penetrated. The SATISFYER will bring you waves and waves, of clitoral orgasms. They are after all the only ones you want.

Using next generation technology, the SATISFYER range are pressure wave vibrators that provide contact -less clitoral stimulation, through tingly sensations. Each toy has a vacuum pump device, a unique new concept in sex toy technology.

SATISFYER PRO PLUS VIBRATION is a hand held toy for solo sessions and partner play. Feel free to invite a partner/s for sessions with you- hand over this extraordinary toy, lie back and allow SATISFYER PRO PLUS to endlessly please you.

What makes this toy stand apart from every other sex toy currently on the market is that it has the unique suction mechanism for stimulation of your clitoral area PLUS it vibrates!

This adds another level of sensation independently from the suction experience. Choice is yours: place the toy on your clitoral area, and either press the button that controls the suction device or the one that controls the vibration.

The level of intensity and levels of strength make this a magical experience – even for the most seasoned vibe user.

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