A shout out to women who have had babies, have urinary urge or incontinence and women who want to have stronger orgasms!

SATISFYER BALLS SINGLE-HOURGLASS are a necessary commitment to your sexual health and pleasure.

Getting in shape is most fun when you can measure the results, which is why this sensual set contains 3 different love balls:

All three have a diameter of 3.8 cm and are thus the same size, but each has a different weight.

Start with the lightest and gradually work your way up.


In this set, the lightest ball weighs 61.9g (normal), the middle one 82.1g (experienced) and the heaviest 97.9g (advanced).

Just 10 minutes of training every day will enable you to take your love life into your own hands! You will notice the difference after 3 months… then use daily as maintenance therapy.

Strengthen your muscles and give yourself the gift of orgasms. At the same time, your strengthened muscles will grip his penis more tightly, a sensation that he will notice instantly.

Made from skin-friendly, medical-grade silicone, these love balls are easy to insert and feel pleasant inside you. The retrieval strap is also made entirely of silicone and ensures easy removal of the balls.

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