TWO-VIBE is a couples’ toy, ergonomically designed with the latest #sextech.  It is an all-inclusive dual motored, remote-controlled couple and a solo vibrator that can be contoured and shaped to perfectly target and satisfy your pleasure zones.

It has a slim insertable shaft into your vagina, slender enough to allow your partner to be accommodated, whilst the ergonomic broad base can be flexed and positioned over your vulva area during sex, for close orgasmic contact.

TWO-VIBE has to be my most favourite couples’ toy.  The design honours the fact that you want agency over your body and thus your own pleasure – after all, you know, in the moments of bliss, what the most pleasurable stimulation is for you – alone or /and with a partner.

Here are my reasons for this bold statement:

  • Versatile
  • Adaptable
  • Fully bendable shaft which allows you to enjoy multiple penetrative possibilities.
  • Shapes and responds to your body to fit perfectly to you and your partner’s pleasure, mood, desire, and favourite position.
  • Has a remote control

I highly recommend ROCKS OFF TWO-VIBE for women who like to play alone, at home, or out and about as it is a wearable product.  And it is just simply the best for couples who seek novelty, communication and connection.

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