I am excited to bring you a very new type of sexual experience – namely, an A-spot experience.

ROCKS OFF REGALA uniquely introduces you to your A-spot.  It may look like a regular Rabbit vibe, but it goes deeper and deeper to bring you a different kind of orgasmic experience.

The A-spot is along the front vaginal wall, usually about 4 to 6 inches back.  However, some variation is to be expected.

The A-spot and G-spot are both located on the front wall of your vagina. However, the A-spot is much deeper than the G-spot, and the stimulation of this area usually causes different sensations.

First, find the G-spot.

To do this, gently insert your pointer finger one or two inches inside your vagina and then curl your finger upward toward your belly button.

If you feel a walnut-sized patch of spongy tissue, that’s the G-spot. From here, push up inside your vagina another two or so inches.

The A-spot is an erogenous area that sits at the top of the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder.

Now you are ready for ROCKS OFF REGALA!

Inserting the Rocks Off Regala is easy since the toy is slim enough that no prior arousal or internal play is required.  I highly recommend that you insert a drop of LIQUID SILK into your vagina to moisten this area which will give you greater comfort when inserting REGALA.

Insert the long arm of Regala inside of your vagina, turn on the vibrations, and then simply let go for hands-free pleasure.

Regala’s sensory velvet touch, sophisticated lines and ergonomic dimensions have been skilfully crafted to drive you towards the ultimate A-spot orgasm.

The elegantly curved elongated shaft and precision tip enables Regala to glide effortlessly into position to arouse and stimulate your A-spot.

The powerful dual independent motors will stimulate your clitoral area and your A-zone either simultaneously or independently – choice is yours.  REGALA is a perfect balance between being both flexible and firm.

Enjoy the pleasure as Regala sends deep sensual vibrations to the shaft, tip and clitoral stimulation points.

I recommend this glorious pleasure product for women who are adventurous, and curious to go deeper into their vaginas and sexuality!

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