I see this product as a sexual health product- for men who really struggle with early ejaculation. I know that all men will want to use it, considering themselves early ejaculators, dissatisfied with their “performance” – and that’s your choice. Remember that lifelong early ejaculation needs to be treated by a healthcare provider. PJUR MED PROLONG SPRAY is not to be used instead of professional treatment. Prolong sprays are clinically considered to be first-line therapies – that is the first line of treatment recommended to a man and his partner presenting with a complaint of early ejaculation. If this does not work then you want to consult with a healthcare provider. PJUR MED PROLONG SPRAY is an excellent, safe product. 2-4 sprays per application are sufficient. It contains oak bark extract which has an astringent effect and in combination with panthenol, provides a soothing effect on the skin. Remember to use with a condom else you will be penetrating a numb vagina or anus as the spray rubs off on your partner. Highly recommended.


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