Petite, powerful and perfect for you – that is my summary of LE WAND PETITE vibrator. It is lovingly referred to as “the Baby Magic Wand” , meaning that it is petite but it powerfully provides you with magic… all over your body.

Why I love this wand is for its flexible head – this gives easy direction and precise external stimulation, making it easy for you to adapt specifically to your body and needs.  It is cordless which makes your fun and playfulness more creative.

Compact and lightweight, LE WAND PETITE is a perfect option for women who want to enhance their sexual pleasure by experimenting with a WAND.  I recommend this for women who want powerful direct clitoral stimulation – women who are ageing, in menopause or peri menopause, on medications that dull sensations and who have chronic diseases. Enjoy!

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