Pleasure air technology clitoral vibes are changing the way that women achieve orgasms.  IRRESISTIBLE SEDUCTIVE from SHOTS is an excellent example of a pleasure air vibe designed for your orgasmic pleasure.

IRRESISTIBLE SEDUCTIVE gently surrounds your clitoral area.  It does not directly touch your clitoral area.  This avoids over stimulation of your sensitive clitoral area.  Notice the tiny powerful pulses of air as they stimulate your clitoris.  Sucking, pulsating, throbbing options are there for your novel variety.  If you enjoy oral sex, this toy is definitely for you.

I highly recommend this for women who want to adventure into the world of air pleasure technology.  It is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, giving you full control of the experience.  Invite a partner to consensually pleasure you with this gorgeous toy.

A tip: add water based lubricant around the edges of the head to increase the suction effect.

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