ELITE SILICONE GLIDE AND MASSAGE OIL is an all-in-one Massage and Silicone Personal Glide.  What makes this a stand out SILICONE lube is that it is the highest grade silicone for the softest silicone glide on the market.  It is Infused with natural Shitake extracts and nourishing Vitamin E.  No taste.  No smell.

I highly recommend this silicone product because of the unique soft silky safe experience it offers you. Recommended for women who are challenged with vaginal and vulva dryness or uncomfortable penetration.

And for people who want to enhance their fun and playful solo and partner experiences! After all this is a massage oil too!

Intimate Earth is a signature collection of arousal serums, glides and massage oils formulates with certified organic extracts and natural ingredients.

Zero paraben … Zero benzocaine … Zero glycerin … Zero aspartame

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