Get lit! Get lit up! I did! I could not resist bringing you G-BULB CLITORAL WAND. It will stimulate not only your genitals but also your imagination. The unique shape and powerful vibrations takes you to places previously unimagined.

This is high technology and gorgeous creative design at its most fun!

G-BULB is a clitoral wand. This means that you hold the base in your hand and stimulate your many erogenous zones with the strong vibrating bulb. Powerful vibrations but silent engines.  It is not meant to be inserted into an anus nor a vagina.

Be surprised by the powerful wand motor inside G-BULB. Do not limit yourself to use only on your vulva/clitoral area. Use it to massage your entire body, lingering on breasts, nipples and external anal area. He will thoroughly enjoy the feeling of GBULB on the shaft of his penis and his perineum, underneath his testicles.

I recommend G-BULB for every woman who seeks the higher end of pleasure and futuristic sex. Use it alone, use it on a partner, and together with a partner/s.

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