Pulsators are BIG news in the sex toy world.  They are known as “thrusting” toys.

SUNDAZE by FUN FACTORY is the new offering and is innovative and sensational.  SUNDAZE is about, well, SUNDAYS… indulgence, spoiling, sex positivity, consent.

STRONIC G, available in my store, is dedicated to pleasuring your G zone area.  And is large.  STRONIC REAL, also available in the store, is large and all about deep vaginal penetration.

SUNDAZE is compact in size and extends your pleasure: it is a sex toy that pulses, taps, vibrates and goes back and forth.

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: 11 modes and 4 rhythms:

Mode 1 to 3 = vibrating modes

Mode 4 to 6 = tapping modes

Mode 7 to 11= pulsing modes

Mode 12 to 15 = dynamic modes, the 4 rhythmic modes

Like all STRONIC products, SUNDAZE invites you to lie back and allow it to do the pleasure for you… no hands needed.

Open the packing and immediately your eyes will fall on the golden handle – nice!

However, what makes SUNDAZE unique is the head. It is beveled, with a flat and slightly domed hump.  And this head has multiple Pleasure abilities, as described above.

I recommend SUNDAZE for women who like to customize their own experience of sexual pleasure.  For women who like a range of sensations with each experience.

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