“A self thrusting magnificent pulsator” is how the new FUN FACTORY STRONIC VIOLET is described.

It looks semi realistic with its tapered head and coronal ridge but there is no urethral hole, no veins and detailed contouring.  And it only comes in a vanilla, purple or pink shade.

Let’s get down to the functionality of this amazing toy.

FUN FACTORY STRONIC VIOLET pulsates, it does not vibrate.  It thrusts by itself using magnetic technology without you having to do anything.   Which means all you have to do is lie back and enjoy.  Insert it into your vagina and have a hands-free experience.  This leaves room for a clitoral toy, if so desired, or a partner’s hand/mouth.

I highly recommend this remarkable toy for women who are blasé about vibrators and want to expand their pleasure with a totally different self thrusting pulsation experience.  And for women who want a very strong vaginal and G zone experience with a large penis shaped vibrator, deep and even deeper inside your vagina.

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