LAYA II BLACK LINE is an upgraded black edition of FUN FACTORY’S most popular toy, namely the original LAYASPOT.

Back in the day of battery operated sex toys, I sold dozens and dozens of LAYASPOTS. It is simply the most fabulous and easy to use, clitoral stimulator. I was thrilled to buy in the upgraded version, namely the LAYA II BLACK LINE.

LAYAII BLACK LINE is sleek, powerful, rechargeable and waterproof.

I like it for its versatility:  Stroke your nipples or shaft with it. And definitely lay it on your body, just let it rest between your labia, on your vulva.  It is particularly effective when you lay on your stomach, place LAYA II BLACK LINE on a pillow and lay on it. Use your imagination as you ride it to your own orgasmic bliss. Lay it between your bodies whilst thrusting is happening.

I highly recommend LAYA II BLACK LINE for beginners, as it is a gentle but highly powerful entry level clitoral vibe. And for the rest of you, it’s a fun addition to your toy box.

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