DOXY NUMBER 3R is a stunning, petite wand vibrator.  You will find the sparkly body in “blue flame” color irresistible.  It sparkles and glitters with the light and is smooth to the touch.

This beauty is not skin deep… it packs an orgasmic clitoral punch! Powerful, reliable, DOXY NUMBER 3R is my number one choice of rechargeable wands.

There are many things to love about DOXY NUMBER 3R: personally, I most appreciate the lightness of this aluminum, titanium, and silicone construction casing.  And of course, it is CORDLESS and rechargeable.  It is simple to use- no fancy high tech stuff.

As you press the power button, it will vibrate, then use the + and – buttons to increase and decrease speed.

To use pulse patterns, turn DOXY off, press and hold the power button (3 seconds) and simply use the + and – to change the speed of the pulse.

I highly recommend DOXY NUMBER 3R for women who want to control the intensity of their orgasms, who want to experience strong clitoral orgasms. For women who are peri/post menopausal, women who need intense increased clitoral stimulation, grab this right now.

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