This is a profoundly satisfying cordless wand.  I adore it!

This is why I say it is adorable:

Let’s begin with its ergonomically contoured handle which sensibly allows you to make getting to any area of your vulva, effortless.  The broad, smooth head of this cordless wand delivers intense vibrations and waves of all over sensations.

I adore BSWISH BTHRILLED PREMIUM WAND (NOIR) as it gives you an opportunity for inspired play – it allows you intuitive play as its neck flexes gently which also ensures ease of unwanted friction.

This is a true “sexual self care” product.  I recommend it for women who want to give into pleasure as a part of their overall self care.  In addition, it is a great couple toy as partners will enjoy massaging each other with BSWISH BTHRILLED PREMIUM WAND (NOIR).

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