ASTROGLIDE NATURAL is water based, therefore gentle and soothing to your skin. It has a natural feel as it is made of natural ingredients.


This is a long lasting lube with extra slick and is petroleum free.  It is designed to mimic natural body fluids which means that ASTROGLIDE NATURAL adds moisture which helps to temporarily reduce vaginal dryness.

I like this ASTROGLIDE NATURAL lube so much as it has botanical ingredients like chamomile & aloe vera, both of which helps to soothe and hydrate. It is not made with glycerin, parabens, fragrances, flavours or hormones so is a great choice in lubricants for people who have allergies to lube.

Life is too short to fake it.  Yet almost 80% of women fake orgasms.  It’s time to achieve orgasm equality and close the orgasm gap.  Using ASTROGLIDE lubes and gel goes a long way to do just that: give woman an equal opportunity to be orgasmic.