• A beautiful sleek Wand, a clitoral and all over body massager, SATIFYER PRO 2 NEXT GENERATION is light and very handy.  And enormously satisfying to use and enjoy! Smooth to the touch, with a whisper quiet motor and a soft silicone head, SATISFYER PRO 2 is a clitoral vibe with the latest Air-Pulse Technology.  It does what it is meant to do, namely excite your clitoral area into pure bliss with its vacuum pump device. Pro 2 Generation 2 has curves you can cradle in the palm of your hand and keep it in place. This makes it accessible and easy to use. Very uncomplicated so I recommend it especially for people who are new to air technology. This entry level air technology pleasure product stimulates the clitoris using intense pressure waves without direct contact.  This may be very welcome for people who prefer no direct touch on their clitoral area #justsaying.

    Meet Vita, a unique wand-tipped bullet whose rounded tip and flexible neck are perfect for giving more focused pleasure. I adore this unique medium sized wand vibe . I recommend this for people who like novelty, who like to be in control of, and direct, their pleasure. It is powerful and will not disappoint. Be creative and use Vita to stimulate external pleasure points such as your clitoris and nipples. Vita's concave tip also feels great on the tip of the penis. With silky soft, body-safe medical-grade silicone, Vita feels great to touch.
  • RO SUGARBOO PLAYFUL is literally a “playful“ wand. Its petite size will enchant you as you embrace it in your palm! This is not just a “pretty face” wand - rather a wand that packs a punch in its petite size. I recommend RO SUGARBOO PLAYFUL for people beginning to explore their sexual bodies, people who cannot tolerate direct genital touch and people who want a quickie #orgasmguaranteed :)
  • DEIA The Wand

    Embrace sex positivity, self-exploration and pleasurable play to connect with yourself or your sexual partner. Deia The Wand does just this! This is a stand-alone wand as you can  enjoy it for your sexual pleasure as well as for  an all over body massager. This body-forming massager features a dual-density head with ten vibrations that can be used in various ways.  What makes DEIA THE WAND stand apart from other wands is its ridged head. The ridges add  sensations in addition to the vibrations which you will feel directly on  different parts of your body.  The ridges may assist in easing body tension and relax you into a state of relaxation. Use the Wand creatively: use it for arousal, for orgasms, for overall body massaging, and for pleasuring a partner as this gem of a product is gender neutral. The Wand is made with ultra-smooth and body-safe silicone and is free of phthalates, BPA and latex.
  • The Mini Swan Wand boasts simplistic, clean lines and a distinctive, ergonomic, curved design.  As you can see, one end is narrow (the handle); the other is bulbous (stimulation end). It is a luxurious compact vibe, beautiful in design and extraordinary in power.  Slip it comfortably into your palm, and enjoy the feeling of lightness.
  • I’m excited to bring you a new Wand, a budget friendly Wand.  And a wand that offers a powerful pleasure experience for you. WONDERLUST has a flexible head which allows you to rotate and place it exactly in the places that, in each pleasure moment, demand your attention. The Powerbullet motor creates powerful, rumbly vibrations. I highly recommend SWAN WONDERLUST DESTINY for beginner Wand users and for people who want to add a new sensation of pure clitoral bliss into their sexual repertoire. The medium size gives you opportunity to use it during partner play. After all, your orgasms pretty much depend on clitoral stimulation, so using SWAN WONDERLUST DESTINY increases your chances of orgasmic pleasure.
  • Petite, powerful and perfect for you – that is my summary of LE WAND PETITE vibrator. It is lovingly referred to as “the Baby Magic Wand” , meaning that it is petite but it powerfully provides you with magic... all over your body. Why I love this wand is for its flexible head – this gives easy direction and precise external stimulation, making it easy for you to adapt specifically to your body and needs.  It is cordless which makes your fun and playfulness more creative. Compact and lightweight, LE WAND PETITE is a perfect option for women who want to enhance their sexual pleasure by experimenting with a WAND.  I recommend this for women who want powerful direct clitoral stimulation – women who are ageing, in menopause or peri menopause, on medications that dull sensations and who have chronic diseases. Enjoy!
  • SWAN PALM POWER POCKET RECHARGEABLE is a must have in every person’s toy box.  It looks cute, right?! But oh wow, is it powerful! Look at the flexible neck... sensible, right?!  After all your clitoral orgasmic needs are uniquely yours so you need a wand that you can manoeuvre to your own specifications- which change daily according to your hormonal and mood status. The Pocket Rechargeable Massager is perfectly shaped to massage those intimate spots.  Ideal for clitoral popping orgasms on the go. The Swan Power Bullet motor gives this Pocket Massager incredible strength. As I say, it is small but sturdy and for women seeking stronger vibration, choose this wand. Swan Palm Power Pocket Massager has 6 rocketing pocket functions with ease to low, medium to high – the ultra pulse rises and teases. As Swan does, the Swan Palm Pocket Massager is elegantly packed in a convenient and discreet pouch and comes with rechargeable cable for 2 hours of sexy fun.
  • This is a profoundly satisfying cordless wand.  I adore it! This is why I say it is adorable: Let’s begin with its ergonomically contoured handle which sensibly allows you to make getting to any area of your vulva, effortless.  The broad, smooth head of this cordless wand delivers intense vibrations and waves of all over sensations. I adore BSWISH BTHRILLED PREMIUM WAND (NOIR) as it gives you an opportunity for inspired play - it allows you intuitive play as its neck flexes gently which also ensures ease of unwanted friction. This is a true “sexual self care” product.  I recommend it for women who want to give into pleasure as a part of their overall self care.  In addition, it is a great couple toy as partners will enjoy massaging each other with BSWISH BTHRILLED PREMIUM WAND (NOIR).
  • SVAKOM takes you into the FUTURE OF SEX with their new range of sex toys.  EMMA NEO is part of the CONNEXION SERIES of SVAKOM.  SVAKOM recognizes your need to be more CONNECTED than ever. EMMA NEO is a powerful interactive WARMING WAND vibrator.  It is genderless and can be used to enhance oral stimulation, as a penile stroker, or a vulva stimulator, alone or with a partner, near or far. You can choose to press the WARMING button and experience a very different sensation... nice to have choice! The intelligent Bluetooth enabled APP Control allows you long distance control or local control and web interactivity.  EMMA NEO allows you to program your vibration modes, sync to music, has sound activated vibrations and you get to set the vibration intensities. I highly recommend EMMA NEO.  It is one of my most favorite WAND VIBRATORS.  It is sleek sexy and mostly has the power to bring even the most sluggish clitoris into orgasm... multiple times. In addition, it won the Reddot award for its sexy design plus the irresistible bunny ears attachment.  Use the bunny ears to stimulate your ears, nipple, neck, wherever feels good for you.
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    Take your pleasure to extreme heights with SWAN PALM POWER EXTREME.  A WONDERFUL wand for people who like high tech toys, like to be edgy, adventurous and enjoy sexual pleasure to the max. Look at it and appreciate its ergonomic curve designed for comfort and ease of use.  The flexible head is at an angle from the handle which allows you to access your vulva easier. It is fairly small, with a slim body and light weight.  It is nimble, and convenient... and extremely rumbly and powerful. It is strong so take charge of your controls. I recommend this for women who appreciate ergonomic design and powerful orgasms.  Because it is light and medium sized, SWAN PALM POWER EXTREME is discreet for solo play as well as partner play. This maybe your first ever- and your best ever- Wand :)
  • Ladies, do you want sophisticated, elegant sexual pleasure?! ORIEL RECHARGEABLE WAND is my recommendation for you. ORIEL RECHARGEABLE is the ultimate play wand.  It is luxuriously sleek as it is made of velvet touch silicone, cutting edge in design, sensual to the touch and powerful in performance. Its flexible head allows you freedom to explore your own unique curves and trigger points. I highly recommend ORIEL RECHARGEABLE WAND for women who struggle to become orgasmic due to medications, aging, menopause, chronic illnesses. I also recommend it for women who are not sexually satisfied with just penetration... :)  and for women who long for clitoral orgasms.  Use it alone or during partner play for ultimate pleasure.


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