Meet Vita, a unique wand-tipped bullet whose rounded tip and flexible neck are perfect for giving more focused pleasure. I adore this unique medium sized wand vibe . I recommend this for people who like novelty, who like to be in control of, and direct, their pleasure. It is powerful and will not disappoint. Be creative and use Vita to stimulate external pleasure points such as your clitoris and nipples. Vita's concave tip also feels great on the tip of the penis. With silky soft, body-safe medical-grade silicone, Vita feels great to touch.
  • Meet Duet, a multi-surfaced bullet vibrator with small, rounded, graduated pleasure points on one side and a silky smooth surface on the other to give multi-sensations across the body. I invite you to be creative with this gem of a bullet vibe: use Duet to stimulate external pleasure points such as the clitoris, nipples, and thigh. Duet is also useful for gentle, shallow penetration play with its deeply rich vibrations. With its silky soft, body safe medical grade silicone, Duet feels great to touch.. Let Je Joue's famous rumbly motors pamper your body deeper, giving you a richer, more pleasurable intimate experience.
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    SVAKOM Aylin

    Seeking a luxury Rabbit Vibrator? AYLIN by SVAKOM is your go-to  pleasure product. Consider all the unique AYLIN features:
    • stimulating waves plus a pulsating tip for deep and intense dual vagina and clitoral stimulation.
    • Flexible silicone velvety soft , it feels like you’re holding velvet in your body as it  slides over your skin and into intimate depths
    • The 5 pulsating vibration modes in 5 speeds provide all-round pleasure for diverse fun and they can be easily controlled at the push of a button.
  • SVAKOM Amy 2

    This toy is a luxury POWERHOUSE! 6 different vibration patterns, plus 5 different intensity levels ensure that you get the most consistent pleasure. With its curved shape and automatic SVAKOM intelligent mode, this versatile vibrator is sure to please. Amy 2 from SVAKOM may look like any other vibrator on the market.
  • PULSE LITE NEO is an innovative toy about which I am excited! It is a combination of a vibrator and an air pump that provides 5 levels of powerful stimulating sensations with suction and vibe and combinations thereof. The PULSE LITE NEO is designed to increase pleasure and arousal. It has a unique shape that fits ergonomically in the hand, allowing for easy control of your own pleasure. Petite in size, it fits into the palm of your hand which makes it easy to carry and store. And once in your hand, turn on the App and you have full control over your own pleasure. Charging takes about 4 hours to full. The Lite NEO is made from body-safe and eco-friendly materials, making it safe to use and easy to clean. The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so it can be used anywhere, anytime. It is also waterproof, making it perfect for use in the shower or tub lake or pool.
  • Welcome to NIYA AIR STIMULATOR N6. Welcome to a NIYA world in which technology blends with your sexual health, rights and pleasure. NIYA AIR STIMULATOR N6 is a  petite ergonomically designed  palm sized clitoral vibrator.  Don’t let the size fool you as it is a powerful multi-function air pressure stimulator. This means that it gives you the option of using the vibration or the air technology modes, separately or simultaneously. NIYA AIR TECHNOLOGY N6 has a gender-fluid design and 10 functions of air  and 10 vibration functions,  which can be used simultaneously or individually, allowing you to control and customise your pleasure.
  • Oh what fun NIYA CLITORAL MASSAGER N3 is! I invite you to explore blissful sensations with the Niya Precision Point Massager. “Precision Point“ means that it has a tapered tip enabling you to fully explore your clitoral region. It means that you have control, in the moment, to stimulate parts of your genitals that  right there and then , invite your attention . Gaze at the design of NIYA CLITORAL MASSAGER N3 and you will notice the lovely sensible finger loop. This  ensures a natural positioning with controlled and precise stimulation. Simply slide a finger through the hole and use the vibrator to explore the vibrations on your most sensitive erogenous points. Made from silky smooth silicone, NIYA CLITORAL MASSAGER N3  is a discreet size and  features ridges along the shaft for added sensation. Its slightly curved design is an added feature which gives you more room for exploration and creativity.
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  • RO SUGARBOO PLAYFUL is literally a “playful“ wand. Its petite size will enchant you as you embrace it in your palm! This is not just a “pretty face” wand - rather a wand that packs a punch in its petite size. I recommend RO SUGARBOO PLAYFUL for people beginning to explore their sexual bodies, people who cannot tolerate direct genital touch and people who want a quickie #orgasmguaranteed :)
  • DEIA The Wand

    Embrace sex positivity, self-exploration and pleasurable play to connect with yourself or your sexual partner. Deia The Wand does just this! This is a stand-alone wand as you can  enjoy it for your sexual pleasure as well as for  an all over body massager. This body-forming massager features a dual-density head with ten vibrations that can be used in various ways.  What makes DEIA THE WAND stand apart from other wands is its ridged head. The ridges add  sensations in addition to the vibrations which you will feel directly on  different parts of your body.  The ridges may assist in easing body tension and relax you into a state of relaxation. Use the Wand creatively: use it for arousal, for orgasms, for overall body massaging, and for pleasuring a partner as this gem of a product is gender neutral. The Wand is made with ultra-smooth and body-safe silicone and is free of phthalates, BPA and latex.
  • For beginners, for frequent bullet users and for those women who simply long for the ease of a no-hassle orgasm, BSWISH BCUTE CLASSIC PEARL is my choice for you. Its rippled shape and classic mini palm size, with 5 vibrations, delivers enough punch for perfected teasing and pleasing - in the bedroom or water spaces. The bulbous shaft – it makes for pleasurable sensations while vibrating – especially when pinpointing the clit, nipples, head of penis and any other erogenous zone that you desire. Control the multi-functions by twisting the cap to the right – the further you twist, the stronger the intensity of the vibrations. Do not hesitate to buy one for yourself and any woman you love.
  • I predict the newly launched WINNI 2 from SVAKOM will become your most favorite couple toy! Here is why... WINNI 2 is a penis ring with an APP control option.  Simple to use, visually elegant, WINNI 2 has a single control system so you can get straight into pleasure.


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