Intimate Organics Discover G-Spot Gel R479.00

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    DISCOVER G-Spot Stimulating Gel contains a blend of certified organic extracts, peppermint oil blended with L-Arginine. This unique formula increases the size and the sensitivity of the G-zone making it easy to find. Included is their Intimate Oganics Guide to the G-Spot. Intimate Organics™ products do NOT contain Menthol. Harmless, playful , experimental try out DISCOVER G SPOT GEL. I recommend this for women who need extra vaginal sensation, who want to feel the possibility of vaginal/g zone orgasm. Having said that DISCOVER will in no way guarantee you a vaginal orgasm. It will give you an excited aroused feeling in your vagina- as well as in your mind.  The combination of expectation and real increase in vaginal sensation should be interesting for you…
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