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    This is the top of the range Fleshlight masturbation sleeve – the Lotus . For the uninformed this is a safe and sexy vagina feel for men to insert their penises into. The texture is real, as in real vagina like feeling. It gives men a true vaginal penetrative experience. I recommend this for men who love vaginas and don’t get enough of them ; men who don’t have a vagina at home and men who liked to stay home and play safely. An experience I endorse, a right I believe men have, Fleshlight is for the discerning man – I urge you to get your own today.

    “Tonight I just received my new toy in the mail. I ordered it on Monday and had eagerly anticipated its arrival. It is called the Fleshlight.

    It is very discreet in that it is packaged in a large flashlight shaped container but inside is a soft plastic/rubber sleeve. You can select from various colors and various orifice styles simulating a mouth, vagina, anus or the non-anatomical slit. I selected the slit.

    It is quite well made and heavy. I thought that might be a problem but I found out that it is a help. The case is fully 10″ long so it really can take all of most of you big guys. The sleeve removes form the case for washing. There are two caps, one at the business end that you remove when using and one at the small end that can be adjusted to provide deliciously varied amounts of suction.

    I really wanted to write to someone to tell them about it because it is incredible.

    I went into the study and unpacked it after turning on the computer to look at pix and chat to get a nice online hardon first. I was dying to get into the saddle but wanted to be really hard. I went to a favorite chat room and looked at pix and rubbed for a bit till I was fully up to my 7.5″ length.

    They supplied some water based lube as a sample called WET. I rubbed it all over myself and dripped some into the slit too. Equipped with great pix of people going at it on screen, I picked it up and placed it over my cock expecting some resistance but it slid on smooth as silk—tightly but not too tightly. The feeling was sensational. Better than any hand and while I typed I was fully encased in it and could brace it against the PC table and move in and out of it as I typed.

    It didn”t take long for me to be very ready to come and I backed off to try differing techniques with it. Like slowly pulling it fully off and then putting it on again; slipping into it and out of it (getting erect again now as I think about it) I am going to do it again tonight.

    My wife is away for a week and it is going to see a lot of use in the next several days. Just have to figure out how I can introduce it to her so she an use it on me. She often likes to make me come with her hand when she is not feeling up to sex. She also has a vibrator so I think I can use the ”turnabout is fair play” line. Looking forward to some great orgasms while she is away.

    I highly suggest you try it. It is the next best thing to being inside of my wife.”
    (review reprinted courtesy of www.erotica-readers.com)”

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