Bswish Bnaughty Classic Unleashed


Be naughty!  Catch a thrill! Unleash and surrender to yourself and /or a trusted partner. Insert the oval shape silky feel BSWISH BNAUGHTY CLASSIC UNLEASHED cordless egg vibrator into your vagina and hand over the remote to a partner. Or to yourself. Experience vibrations that are quiet and private and may just bring you waves of pleasure that remind you how fabulous it is to have a vagina.

Use your imagination. Use it in public or private. It is sure to enhance a feeling of naughty connection with a partner.

An added benefit of using BSIWSH BNAUGHTY CLASSIC UNLEASHED is that it exercises your pelvic floor muscles. Use a drop of lube to avoid discomfort, insert the egg vibe and turn on the remote. Walk around or lie back as your vibe vibrates your muscles into tightness.

5 vibration patterns, splash proof, battery operated and affordable.

Watch this video for more information about BSWISH BNAUGHTY CLASSIC UNLEASHED VIBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buQGu6hS22M

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