Bathmate Penile Enhancer Hercules R2000.00

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    This penile enhancer is a hit all over the world – it is a made out of excellent materials and is aesthetically pleasing – it is elegant and not clumsy to manage. Immerse yourself and your BATHMATE into a bath. Fill it  completely with water . Whilst under water insert your flaccid penis into the cylinder. Create a vacuum. All the surplus water will go out as you pump up your penis. You will feel your penis expanding as you pump out the water. After 15 minutes release the pressure valve and remove the device. Voila! A hard penis!
    I highly recommend this for men with erectile dysfunction, and  erectile failure. Men who want to be pumped up because its fun , men who want to have the experience of a fuller erection – even if you are a healthy man, its nice to feel the full potential of your penis. It’s worth having a bath for this experience!

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