Ageing and Sexuality R250

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    Are you over 50 and interested in sex? Do you want an active sex life, regardless of your age? Would you like your ageing years to be ones of health, beauty and sexiness?

    For too long, ‘ageing’ and ‘sexuality’ have been seen as mutually exclusive, resulting in the sexual lives of ageing people being largely ignored. Yet ageing by no means rings the death knell on sexuality – on the contrary, you can enjoy healthy and fulfilling sex your whole life long. In Ageing and Sexuality, renowned sexologist Dr Eve focuses on a wide range of subjects that concern you as an ageing person, including menopause and andropause, erectile dysfunction, female hormone therapy, relationship management and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Very little meaningful literature exists on a topic few people choose to discuss. “I felt a passionate drive to discover the truth about this silent, secretive world of ageing and sexuality”, says Dr Eve. Drawing on her own clinical experience and extensive research into the growing field of sexual medicine, Dr Eve explains the physical, mental and emotional changes that occur as you age, and offers vital information on how you can adapt to these changes sexually. Ageing and Sexuality opens up a world of lifelong sexuality with sensitivity, humour and understanding.

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