I am so excited and proud to present you Dr. Eve Lube: It has been specially formulated to increase intimate and sensual pleasure. Smooth and silky texture enhances an arousing slide and glide effect ensuring enhanced experience.

I am so excited and proud to present you Dr. Eve Lube: It has been specially formulated to increase intimate and sensual pleasure. Smooth and silky texture enhances an arousing slide and glide effect ensuring enhanced experience.

Dr. Eve Lube is:

  • Water based
  • PH balanced
  • Non-toxic
  • Washes off easily
  • Oil and fat free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Safe for use with condoms and latex
  • Odour and perfume free
  • Dr. Eve Lube is great to use with your toy, with a partner or on your own! A must have with every order!



Pjur Bodyglide Silicone Lube

I am excited to carry the PJUR range. Its high quality silicone lubricant ensures long lasting pleasure for women and their partners. I highly recommend this lube for women who have pain with penetration, women going through menopause and struggle with dry vaginas.

Women who are on medication that dries them out will benefit superbly well using PJUR on the outside of their vagina and his penis before penetration. Highly recommended to do hand jobs on men – its smooth silky feel will keep any man in your hands forever.



Fleshlight Go Torque Ice is a novel fun male masturbator.  Imagine being able to see your own pleasuring.  How exciting to see your partner masturbating himself.  Admit that is a pretty novel experience!  That’s because the Fleshlight Go Torque comes in a clear case with a clear Lady Sleeve on the inside.

If you fancy a light and compact male masturbator, FLESHLIGHT GO TORQUE ICE is the sexual health product for you. It’s a smaller more compact version of your favorite Fleshlight.  Due to the neat small size you are now able to discreetly use it wherever you go.  Single handed grip action allows for more ease and more fun. Inside the exclusive SuperSkin sleeve provides a hyper realistic feel.  And that’s what you’re chasing – the feel of a real vagina –  right?!

It’s designed to closely resemble the real deal and gives you all the intensity you’ve come to expect from the brand. The Fleshlight Go Torque is all you need-  7-inches of thrusting pleasure. To enhance your experience I suggest you use a water based lubricant, such as Assegai or Dr Eve lube.

I recommend this neat compact transparent Fleshlight for men who want to up their masturbatory experience, for men who enjoy self pleasuring in addition to partner sex, for men who have no partner sex , and men who love indulging in their own sexuality. Why not!?

SVAKOM Judy – Powerful Anal Plug

Elegant, smooth, seamless JUDY is one of my favourite SVAKOM products. Mostly because it does what it is says it will do: provide comfortable anal/prostate stimulation for men and g zone stimulation for women. The soft round and smooth head is designed for easy insertion and comfortability. Because it is seamless it is easy to keep clean. An essential requirement in every anal toy.

I recommend JUDY for beginners in anal play as its small size encourages rather than intimidates, positive safe anal play.

Be sure to add SOOTHE ANAL LUBE to your shopping cart. 


Pleasuremax Tingling condoms are ribbed and dotted with a special tingling mint lube designed to enhance sensation during sex.

Condoms don’t just have to be there for protection. Durex has created condoms that actually heighten sensations for both you and your partner.

Durex Pleasuremax Tingling  condoms are specially designed with raised dots and uniquely positioned ribs,  with a special tingling lube which provides a gentle tingling sensation. Tingle condoms are coated inside and out meaning heightened sensation for both of you.

The special way we make Pleasuremax Tingling  condoms means they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, so you can just relax and enjoy.

For optimal security the product should be placed in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Enjoy our tingling-lubricated ribbed, studded condoms. Love Sex. Durex.


  • Nominal width 56mm
  • Transparent and lubricated
  • Easy On shape and teat ended
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 100% electronically tested


With over 80 years of experience, Durex is trusted by millions of lovers around the world every day

Durex meets worldwide condom quality standards, giving you the confidence to love the sex you have

Specially developed with you in mind, Durex Easy-On condoms are shaped to be easier to put on and more comfortable to wear

Durex condoms are made in a special way that produces a better smell



Bdesired Deluxe combines sleek design, a smooth silicone touch, and 6-functions, making everything you desire even closer. A silky contoured tip enhances its velvety smooth feel and overall seamless look.

Users can try out all 6-functions with the simple click of a button. Perfect for solo masturbation or could be brought into couples play. Whether one uses the Bdesired Deluxe traditionally or simply strokes the clitoris or nipples, there is no doubt users will find the speed and pressure that is just right for their individual preference.

Made from hygienic, nonporous silicone materials, and ABS plastics, the Bdesired Deluxe is best used with a quality water based lubricant to protect the smooth surface. Simply clean with soap and warm water and air or towel dry.




Labelled as a Luxury, Non-Tacky Water based lube, the creators of Liquid Silk have hit the nail square on the head. They have managed to create a water based lube without glycerin (so it won’t get sticky) that leaves your skin feeling soft and wonderful after you’ve used it. It’s touch sensitive as well and reduces skin breakage.

Liquid Silk feels silky to the touch, does not get sticky, and moisturizes and replenishes your vagina. Water-based and without glycerin, it will not promote or feed a yeast infection. This is an excellent choice for women who are experiencing vaginal dryness due to breastfeeding, menopause, cancer as it moisturizes the tissues as well as lubricates them. Unique advantage of Liquid Silk: For women who struggle with severe dryness. Convenient pump action mechanism makes using Liquid Silk  sensible no mess no fuss. The large size  bottle ensures you never run out of lube.